businessman hand point on virtual business network in board roomAn effective organization builds and enhances its core competencies. If your organization needs a highly specialized software application or is just evaluating the next generation or CRM solutions, we can complement your internal staff with project management, development, business analysis and QA resources.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals that have been selected for their experience and skills as well as their ability to work in a fast paced, team environment. As a result, our clients are assured of a high quality, cost effective project solution. We encourage our consultants to stay ahead of rapidly shifting technology and business requirements by constantly upgrading their skills.

Drivers, not passengers – our screening process was developed by our former big-4 consultants. We don’t simply match a resume to a position. We believe that successful human capital management begins with understanding the company culture. Aside from technical skills, we know that it’s often the soft skills of a candidate that make the project more dynamic and rewarding. We also realize that every project is different. So, by understanding your project risks, we help you staff professionals that can help mitigate project issues, either technical or business.