We offer a complete range of business technology services fueled by proven methodologies, process optimization and best practices. Whether your organization is feeling the pressure to boost productivity and performance or is seeking ways to reinvent your mission, we will partner with you to create a roadmap for tomorrow – and power through change.

We strive to be ahead of our customer’s needs by constantly seeking new avenues of improvement. We are driven by the passion to be more than a technology partner. We want to be the engine that drives your success.

Business Process Optimization
We understand that technology is a critical component of your organization’s ability to operate at maximum efficiency. However, whether your goals are related to reducing key cycle times, eliminating errors and duplicate work effort, or increasing customer satisfaction, technology is most certainly not the “silver bullet.” Achieving goals like these requires a more holistic view, and reshaping your organization for maximum profitability must adeptly combine elements of process and organizational design with technology.

Pelican Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to help you with:

Integrate all your operations using application suites from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Increase sales by using a structured process for gaining new customers. We feature solutions from SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Campaign/Marketing Management
Get a grip on your Marketing campaigns. Allocate your resources to be more effective.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Warehouse Management – Deploy RFID and optimize your warehouse

Systems Integration

Quickly bring your legacy systems to a web centric environment. Build web interfaces to quickly disseminate information.