IT Audit

Dream TeamOur leadership and expertise in software testing and quality assurance for Fortune 500 provides us with a unique ability to apply those skills to Auditing. As technical architecture experts, we work with your public auditor to provide a cost effective solution for IT systems auditing. Using CobIT framework we have developed a detailed and collaborative process to complete an IT audit within a set amount of time and resources.

Validating the Imports

As more companies outsource their systems implementation development and maintenance, it becomes imperative that tight IT controls, policies and procedures are in place. Pelican Consulting Group can help you identify risks, implement controls and test for compliance.

Who’s got the data?

In the news, recent lapses in data security at firms that deal with public information have highlighted how valuable information is and what people are willing to do to get at it. We can provide complete data lifecycle audit trails analyses from the time it is created to the time it is archived or consolidated in your data warehouse.

As a independent, non public firm we can provide an unbiased and knowledgeable review. Pelican Consulting Group can help your organization with the following types of audit: