Accounting CRM Software – Why You Must Prefer Open Source

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Accounting CRM Software – Why You Must Prefer Open Source

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Implementing Accounting CRM Software in the company is a challenging task. You need to consider many factors including price, feasibility and cost involved in hiring and training the staff for new software. You also need be very smart while selecting the type of CRM.

Basically accounting packages are of two types: Web based and Computer based. If your business is small and you do not want to incur huge costs on setting up the infrastructure, you can simply opt for web based accounting software. You can process and store your accounting data on web software without the need of server and additional computers. The information is hosted on the high speed secure server provided by the program vendor.

While selecting the software it is in your best interest to opt for open source accounting CRM software. Open source means you can customize the software according to your requirements whenever you feel necessary. In other words you hold complete rights for customizing the software and vendors completely hands over to you all the source code required for such customizations.

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Implementing and integrating open source programs with legacy systems is also easy and you need not to worry about your old records. However, make sure you perform feasibility studies before attempting any such integration with your existing system. As it takes long time and programmers need to test the integrated system thoroughly before implementing and going live.

You need to hire a team that can thoroughly understand new CRM and also your legacy system. You also need to make sure that all the programming is documented properly so that you when you go for future debugging and fixing of errors you can clearly understand all the corners of software codes.


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