The Art of Tracking Like Microsoft Dynamic CRM Software

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The Art of Tracking Like Microsoft Dynamic CRM Software

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To hunt is to be able to find something whether it is a large animal, a game bird or your car keys. Often times it takes a bit of tracking skill to be able to locate what it is your hunting. Tracking is the science and art of observing. It is the ability to take everything about a location into your mind and understanding what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste and sense. It is a total experience that requires gathering the information and deciphering it. In today’s technology world it might be compared to Microsoft dynamic CRM software.

For instance a MS dynamics CRM application gathers and integrates sales, marketing and customer service from one centralized access point. From there you can get a picture of the customer relationships and their interactions. It allows you to track all linkages across customers and sales opportunities along with all important associations within the customers. Although all of this information is gathered it has to be looked at by someone who can get an overall picture of what you have going on, much like a master hunter.

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You can teach people how to look for the different signs in the wild such as a place used for bedding for a herd of deer. It’s pretty obvious once it’s pointed out. The same goes when looking at a Microsoft CRM SaaS. The more you understand what you see the more relationships you will see and the more identifications you will be able to determine. As you learn more about each animal and their signs that identify them then you can start learning the art of interpreting what you see. The same goes for information gathered about customers. The cool thing about software is that it can put some of the relationships together for you so you have a head start. For those in the cold autumn chill, you are on your own to find the deer you want.


Source by Alice Lane