7 Methods To Enhance CRM System Implementations

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7 Methods To Enhance CRM System Implementations

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In tough times sales teams can be downsized, outsourced or abandoned all together. Ironically this when you should expand rather than curtail your sales activities. After all the slump may actually be the result of sales reps who are not being given adequate support and resources.

But lets be fair. Sales people exist in a fast moving industry, change is all around and they are constantly expected to up skill and do it fast. But as a business owner there are techniques you can use to ease the learning burden and create an environment conducive to change and professional development.

These methods are ideally suited to technology. As CRM systems are such an important aspect of a modern (and successful) sales team this article focuses on 7 ways to enhance CRM system adoption with sales staff.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, so managing the stages of your relationship with a potential customer. Otherwise known as the ‘Sales Process’. This is why CRM systems are such a hot topic right now, they streamline the sales process, boost efficiency and ultimately result in more sales and greater profits. But this only happens if your staff are willing to adopt these new systems.

There can be no half measures in a CRM System implementation. Everyone needs to be on board. So you may be asking yourself “How do I get my sales team on board with a CRM program?”

Here are the Top 7 ways you can get your sales reps to embrace your CRM system:

1. Include Your Staff In The CRM System Selection

If you are thinking about implementing a CRM System create a list of serious contenders and get demo accounts for your staff. Ask them to provide feedback on the CRM systems and identify which one they think will be the best fit. If you proceed with their selection often they feel a commitment to make it work, as they were made a part of the selection process and therefore responsible for the programs success. Even if you don’t go with their choice they will feel valued and heard. They might also point out pitfalls in the software you might have otherwise missed.

2. Sell The CRM System Benefits To Your Team

Approach your implementation meetings like a sales call. Discuss the benefits they will enjoy after a successful implementation of the software. Such as making it easier to track commissions (so, they will get paid), making it easier to manage more prospects (they can get paid more) and enhancing lead tracking (other staff can’t steal their pay).

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3. Offer Private Training Options

A common source of resistance to change (particularly where technology is involved) is fear of embarrassment. Make sure you include adequate training in your implementation program. So everyone is given the time and resources to get comfortable with the new CRM software. Your staff will be more inclined to say the system sucks rather than admit they are not confident in their ability to use the system. Where possible offer training that can be completed in private. In fact many web based CRM systems provide free online training videos, allowing staff to learn at their own pace without feeling singled out.

4. One Step At A Time

When implementing a CRM system, try to implement one thing at a time. If you implement all processes at one time you will send your sales reps into information overload. This can result in serious errors and scare your sales reps away from using the system entirely.

5. Acknowledge The Team Efforts

Be sure to use the data from the CRM system to highlight individual achievements during sales meetings. Where possible indicate that the new software is what gives you the ability to easily indentify a a goal reached and offer sales rep the approbation they deserve.

6. Reprimand When Required

If you have a sale rep that are hesitating in using the system, be firm in your reprimand. But make sure they understand the importance of using this system and how it will benefit everyone in the long run.

7. Paint The Big Picture

Ensure your sales reps can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Provide them with interim goals for CRM system competency. Explain when they can expect to start experiencing benefits.

All your staff need is a little guidance. A CRM system will play a major role in the success of your sales reps which in turn helps the growth and profitability of the company as a whole. While they may be hesitant to use such a system in the beginning, don’t worry, once they see how this system will enhance their work and in the end their sale – they’ll come on-board.


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